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Crab, boudin, and corn ready to boil!
Crab, corn and boudin ready to boil!
A Louisiana style boil is served.
A Louisian Style Boil is served.
Lobster, corn, and baked potatoes ready to serve.
Lobster, corn and potatoes are ready to be served!
A lobster is ready to serve
Mmmmmmmmmmm.... Lobster!

A smoker box at a grilling competition

Seafood Bakes

I am fortunate to have travelled extensively in my younger years and those experiences have prompted me to add some unique seafood offerings to my event catering choices. All items are subject to market pricing. Please contact me for an estimate based on current pricing.

Birthday party lobster and clam bake

Lobster, clams, drawn butter, my special sausage, potatoes, beans, and pasta salad were the order of the day for a very special family matriarch on her birthday. I was pleased to be able to provide what can be a messy and difficult to eat meal in a way that was easy both to enjoy, and to clean up from! Even more pleasing was serving a chef that made it a point to compliment the perfectly cooked lobster! It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful event for a beautiful lady!

Lobster Bake
For many years, I took an annual vacation to the lobster capital of the world, Portland, Maine. While they call it a Lobster Bake, they actually boil it. On the last day of these vacations, we would have a Lobster Bake and we would always include either broiled or deep fried Sea Scallops. Often we would also catch Striped Bass running down the coast - baked it tastes just like trout! Corn on the cob and a baked potato rounded out the Lobster Bake, and yes, I can bring it to you! I would also stuff a few select Lobsters with my special seafood stuffing with flounder, fresh sea scallops, crabs, and shrimp bake to perfection! Click here to inquire.

LA Blue Crab/Shrimp/Crawfish Boil
After working on oil rigs in the North Sea off the coast of Norway, I returned back to the states as an oil well tester in Lafayette Louisiana, and for the next 5 years travelled throughout the gulf area. I was young and it was a tough job, but once a month we'd all get together at work and have a real down home Cajin crab boil. What a great memory!

Everyone would sit around a large table lined with newspapers and the boiled crawfish, shrimp and/or blue claw crab would get dumped on the table along with items like corn, potatoes, sausage and boudin, with cajun/creole spice bags (the secret to this style of boil) left intact. We would do it every month and as soon as it was done we'd look forward to the next. Shelling seafood as you eat it creates a great atmosphere for bonding and communication, and it really helped develop a sense of comaraderie among us oil workers. I can bring this experience to you using any or all of the seafood items mentioned. Click here to inquire.

Maryland Blue Claw Crab
I am fortunate to have a younger sister that I visit regularly in the Ocean City Maryland area, and whenever I visit, I have to have some Maryland style Blue Claw Crabs. The Maryland style is much different than the Louisiana style and uses Old Bay Seasoning, Sea Salt, water and beer to season the boil. This method is also GREAT for shrimp! Click here to inquire.

Clam Bake
Growing up in Long Island, NY, we had a summer home on Fire Island. Once setting foot on the island, shoes were gone for the summer, and every Sunday after mass the families would have a clam bake on the beach. Many times fish, mussels, hrimp and scallops were included. A wood fire in hole dug in the sand a few feet down would became the stove where seaweed was laid over and on the coals, seafood wrapped in foil carefully placed on the seaweed, and then another layer of seaweed, more seafood then another layer of seaweed, and finally covering it in sand. A couple of hours later, we dug it up and feasted. Unwrapping these presents was always a tasty treat.

While I don't dig a hole in your lawn, I can bring the style of food we ate on that beach to your next function!

I learned how to make the famous Long Island Style Stuffed Clams at an early age. As a kid, I would go clamming and sell the clams to make money for family Christmas presents. I would also chop up some clams, make a stuffing and then stuff clams with it. There's nothing quite like fresh stuffed clams compared to the frozen ones you get at the store. These too can be a part of your clam bake! Click here to inquire.


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Four generations enjoying a lobster bake
Four generations get together annually to enjoy a Lobster Bake!
Turkeys in the smoker
Mmmmmmmm... Turkey!
Charcol fired rotisserie
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Grill with smoker
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Ribs on the grill after smoking
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